SCHATEX® – Care instructions

How to properly care for our carpet tiles!

SCHATEX®-Carpet tiles – Care Instructions

The careful and proper maintenance is of the utmost importance, because it marks the foundation on which the longevity and the maintenance of the high quality of the carpet tiles are based.

If you want to enjoy our product for a long time, please heed our Care Instructions and follow the instructions as closely as possible.

Regular cleaning and care guarantee long-lasting pleasure

Thank you for choosing SCHATEX® carpet tiles. So that you can enjoy our modular flooring in the long term and maintain the high quality and attractive appearance for a long time, the cleaning and care must be given high priority.

Thanks to the modern technology in the SCHATEX® tiles, the cleaning and maintenance effort is reduced to an everyday-friendly minimum. You can cope with everyday dirt and grime with regular vacuum cleaner cleaning.

Procedure for more stubborn soiling

Spilled liquids can simply be dabbed off with a conventional paper towel or something similar. In the case of solid residues, it is recommended to wipe off the stain immediately. In order to not make the stain larger, always clean from the outside to the inside.

Simply remove the textile tile from the entire floor and wash it with warm water or use a sponge. For stubborn stains, carefully scrub using a mild cleaning agent over the stained area with a brush. After the treatment, rinse off the residues of the cleaning agent carefully and dab off the remaining liquid with a paper towel.

„ Because carpet tiles are usually laid loosely, individual modules can be easily picked up for professional cleaning and then put back into the composite. “ Carsten Reul Application Engineer

When individual carpet tiles have been picked up and cleaned

Before re-laying, the carpet tile must dry completely. Radiators or other artificial heat sources are extremely unsuitable for drying because they can damage the tile and shorten its service life.

Once the SCHATEX® textile tile is completely dry, you can put it back into the floor without any problems. Please pay attention to the laying direction (for more details see intallation instructions).

We will be happy to help you if you have any further questions!

If you have any further questions about the care and cleaning of our products, just give us a call at the telephone number below or send us an email.

Our competent service team available to help you for any queries.

„ State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure the high quality of your carpet tiles. “ Charles Rodriguès CEO